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sustainable athleisure

Inspired by the conservation of the natural environment and wildlife, virtues of organic food, and the active lifestyle in Australia,  RESET21 was founded by Rusty Rahil in 2021, to provide an alternative to unsustainable, mass-produced, unethical fast fashion. 

Rusty who has migrated to Australia from Bangladesh, has over a decade of experience manufacturing for leading reputed fashion brands. By utilizing global sourcing and distribution network, Rusty has the vision to establish RESET21 as the most preferred ♻️ zero waste activewear brand, in Australia and overseas. 

Why Recycled Polyester/Nylon?

- Long Lasting

- Minimises Waste

- Zero Land Use

- Fewer Carbon Emission

- Saves Energy

- Less Water Consumption

Why Organic Cotton?

- Bio-degradable

- Super-comfortable

- Zero Plastic Waste

- Fewer Carbon Emission

- Saves Energy

- Less Water Consumption.


The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. The environmental damage that it causes is devastating, but we believe that there are solutions and alternatives to these issues.

At Reset21, 100% of our styles are ethically made from recycled and plant based materials.

Ethically Made | Sustainable Methods

We proudly source recycled materials made from the latest technology and ethically manufacture them in globally accredited factories. Although it is impossible to offset the use of water and other resources to manufacture a product; these are a few steps that we have taken:

✔️ Sampling - To reduce environmental impact, we use digital apps to develop our initial 3d samples, replacing the traditional physical sampling process.

✔️ Manufacturing - We’ve partnered with factories that are globally accredited for their ethical, social & environmental practices.

✔️ Sourcing - All of our products are made from recycled & up-cycled materials that were collected from the oceans or headed to landfills. We also use plant-based materials that are designed to leave zero-plastic waste. 

✔️ Packaging - We use recycled papers and plastic bags for packaging and promotions.

✔️ Distribution - We partner with local studios, stores, and distributers to reach out to our conscious consumers while having a strong online presence.