is stitched into the fabric of all our decisions

Your clothes are your second skin, they are a part of you and represent who you are. We want you live a life knowing that you are contributing to the society, your health, & the environment.


Everyday trucks full of clothes are dumped ready to be burned or destroyed in landfills across the world. We use up-cycled fabrics by collecting unused surplus fabric from the manufacturers and turn them into purposeful fashion, for you.

We use also organic cotton, which is a great alternative to regular cotton. It’s grown without the use of toxic pesticides or fertilisers. When you buy organic cotton you are investing in water conservation, cleaner air, better soil and fairer livelihoods.

We hold ourselves responsible for every material we use, always selecting the most ethically considered options with the lowest environmental impact across all of our collections.



We use Digital Design Tools to develop digital mood boards, 3D samples in various options. 

By replacing digital samples with the physical ones, we have reduced a cumbersome process of developing hundreds of samples and materials that gets repeatedly re-designed, re-shipped globally until the final outcome was deemed acceptable.

This process was not only time consuming but was also a waste of money, resources, and added to the negative environmental impact fashion.


We work to reduce waste in our materials, processes and our garments come from factories in Bangladesh, where workers make ethical wages, and work health and safety is a priority.

Transparency is maintained throughout the production process and international standards of compliance are in place. The factories invest in clean energy solutions and utilize innovate ways to reduce waste where possible.


Most of our products are made from fabric that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill, incidentally this is also why we can keep our products affordable while maintaining the highest quality.


We have taken care to ensure that all our packaging is as sustainable as possible. The products are packaged in 100% recycled cardboard boxes, that are durable enough to be used again and again.


Your RESET 21 product will arrive carefully hand packaged in a 100% recycled, durable polybag that can be re-used to store wet activewear at the beach or after a workout.


All price tags are constructed out of recycled paper, attached to the garment using natural jute string and can be composted in a household green bin.


In response to Covid-19, we have scrutinized and reduced cost in all departments so that sustainable fashion is made affordable for you.


RESET 21 an online online shop working towards to introduce and distribute sustainable fashion to its customers, partnering with local stores. 

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